About the Rm

The R.M. of Garden river includes many interesting  aspects. The Cecil Ferry which is a seasonal cable ferry that is off of the Garden River Road providing a link between Highways 55 and 302.The Fort á la Crone Provincial Forrest is towards the south east of the RM and the Nesbit Provincial Forrest is on the south west side in the RM of Prince Albert & Buckland. The North Saskatchewan River runs along the south edge of the entire RM.  The fork of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers rests at the very south east corner of the RM.  The area at the forks of the rivers is full of history. It was the original site of Fort St. Louis that was built in the mid seventeen hundreds by Chevalier De La Corne. It was also the site of several later posts.  The worlds largest diamond kimberlite field is located in the Fort á la Corne Forrest. The kimberlite pipes are among the most complete examples in the world, preserving volcanic shaped craters. Currently there are diamond mining companies working in the area.